Tidi Products

TIDI Products manufactures single-use infection prevention products for the medical, dental and foodservice markets, and a variety of poly films for converters. The materials we use to produce disposable products enhance their performance and convenience. Our products provide specific solutions to meet precise needs, and we offer an array of clear choices, based on key factors that matter most to the people who use them.

Premium Headrest Squares With Face Slot - 12" X 24"On Sale
$51.29 $43.60
Premium Headrest Squares With Face Slot - 12" X 12"On Sale
$30.69 $26.09
Tidi Cotton BallsOn Sale
$13.69 $11.64
Cotton Balls, Large, 1000/BagOn Sale
$17.39 $14.78
White Disposable GownsOn Sale
$32.29 $27.45
Blue Disposable GownsOn Sale
$36.89 $31.36
Tidi Professional TowelsOn Sale
$23.99 $20.39
White Examination CapesOn Sale
$27.99 $23.79
Blue Examination CapesOn Sale
$33.19 $28.21