Parker Laboratories is the recognized world leader in the manufacture and marketing of accessories and supplies for the ultrasound and electromedical markets. We serve our customers by consistently providing products that meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations. Parker is a family-owned business that has built its reputation by a resolve to develop high quality products that respond to our customers’ needs in an ever-changing industry.

SignaGel® Electrode Gel - 8.5 oz. Tube
Parker Transeptic Cleansing Solution
Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel, 50G Tube
Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion 1 Gallon
Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion, W/Aloe 1 Gal
Protex Disinfectant Spray 12 Oz
Protex 32 Oz Disinfectant Trigger Spray
Parker Spectra 360 Electrode Gel
Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pads
Parker Protex Ultra Disinfectant Wipes 60 Count